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Our story

Te Chili is about sharing my love of chillies with you.

Chillies and chilli sauce is a wonderful marriage of so many of my passions which include, gardening, fermentation and cookery.
It is the intense here and now chilli hit that we chilli lovers love so much.

The stimulation and red heat that gets your heart pumping and that “Woah!” exhale after a really good chilli experience.

Not just the heat but the myriad of unique fruity flavours, and aromas that chillies give to enhance our food. Perfect with lime and citrus and beautifully combined with herbs and spices.

By fermenting the chillies I am continuing the centuries old tradition of fermentation where the enzymes in the chillies set about the fermentation all by themselves. With great care and love I produce a very natural product that contains the minimal of ingredients which lets the chillies speak all for themselves.

So I hope to share with you these beautiful sun ripened organically grown chilli sauces that you can add to all your favourite chilli dishes.

I strive to make new and exciting products that are fresh and unique and what you are wanting from a special chilli sauce.

Grower and producer, Patrick Gilgenberg.

Image of Patrick Gilgenberg, the Te Chili hot sauce cr
Image of star taken from Te Chili hot sauce logo
Want to stock te chili?

Get our double hot sauce on the shelf or counter of your grocery store, cafe or gift store.

Image of star taken from Te Chili hot sauce logo
Help Us Grow

In the Nelson area and growing more chillies than you can possibly eat? Or have land to lease?

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